Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bumbling Bee

This Bumble Bee fell out of the sky, hit me in the head, probably not the best thing to do, bounced and landed on the concrete.

I picked him up to take him somewhere a little warmer to shake off that terrible blow.

Here he is coming back to conciousness.

I placed him on a sawhorse to rest in the barn and gather up its wits

Here it is doing the check the body parts that is common even amongst humans after a severe knock about


  1. I hope so good for my garden...

  2. Hi Kerry, What a cool post. You are not nearly as hard-headed as a lot of folks, so I would say that little guy was pretty lucky! :-) John

  3. My Hero! You rescued him!!
    What a Super post!

  4. Thanks John for the nice comment

  5. Thanks Kerri that is a nice comment...