Thursday, January 12, 2012

Peaceful Walk Not Today

Out for a nice peaceful walk along the trails of the Cowichan Estuary 

Lots of ducks and other waterfowl

Stumps being reclaimed by nature

A Mallard and mate take a running jump into the air

And the beautiful Herons were everywhere today

Very Peaceful beginning,

But as Kaden my 2 year old German Shorthair Pointer and I headed down the narrow windy trail we ran into a group of 3 women with 8 dogs off leash and one snarly snappy one on leash. A big black Bouvier lead the mob that ran into my GSP knocking him off the trail down the bank. He was terrified. I knocked the Bouvier off him down the bank further and got between him and the two black Labs and the Gold lab. The other two mixed shepard xs came in from the other side as a smaller female mixed breed had her nose up his butt. I managed to pull him around and behind some small trees while they tried unsuccessfully to control their dogs. Poor guy was so scared he musked up and would not eat his treats till he got home.

All I got was "oh sorry they are too hard to handle on the trails on leash"


  1. Yikes! Crazy dog ladies! Still, beautiful pictures...Thanks for sharing your walk!

  2. I hope Kaden has gotten over the experience. Rotten dog owner...

  3. Thanks Cindy, Adam. Kaden is doing okay now but needed a bath lol. He is a normally peaceful soul and goes out of his way to get along with everyone.