Friday, February 10, 2012

Spectacle Lake Park BC

Spectacle Lake BC

A myriad of little rain fed creeks feed into the lake.

Swelling up to a good size flooding up around the lake shore

A multitude of spots around the lake are natures oil paintings

The forest around the lake is picture perfect

A nice 2 km walk around the lake is a great way to get off the highway
and take a bit of a break or a nice day hike on the other trails in the area


  1. Hi Kerry – I hope everyone who stops by your blog will click on the pictures to see the full size view. These are just great. The second one, with waterfall, is pretty amazing, and seriously artwork. And the last one … wow, the only place I have seen like that is on the Olympic Peninsula in a beautiful rain forest. Thanks for sharing your work. John

  2. Thanks for the nice comment appreciate that and yes very similar to Olympic Penisula another beautiful area on our continent.

  3. Stunning scenic images! The last shot is my favorite ... absolutely beautiful!

  4. Thanks Julie Love the woods around here.