Sunday, December 20, 2015

End post of abuse of the elderly.

Abuse of the Elderly

Took me a bit to work this out.

There are multiple signs out there that people are being abused, most of which is covered in the BC Sites

Family members and friends should look for the signs of abuse as listed in the previous links. If you are a friend or family member...speak up.

Further to that for the sake of families please make a written contract to take care of your parents.
Or get the Public Trustee involved to help out

Further to that many elderly do not know that they qualify for different programs that get meds free or lower fees. There is also government funding for seniors above the pensions and there is also transportation available for elderly programs.

I find that it is an abuse to our elderly that they cannot activate these services on their own. The court systems are unnavagatable for most of them especially with handicaps and I find this such an abuse by our governments that is not recognized. There is no help for so many and a lot of them do not get the proper medication which is with holding medications legally.

The funding should kick in automatically and there should be a system for them that looks out for them without someone having to fill out the forms. So much is missed for these poor people that we should be ashamed of how we look after our elderly.

We need to look out for our elderly they are alone at the end. Even if in a crowd.