Sunday, January 16, 2011

Last week around the Barn

Red Tail Hawk

In my coup with the song birds now this one is not able to get out how did he get in?

Have to let him out every day.

The Three Trumpeteers

List of critters from the last week

42 Song Birds
4 Robins 1 with white on it
1 Towhee
1 Redwing
1 Evening Grossbeak
Several Varied Thrush hard to count
38 Brewers BlackBirds
6 Killdeer
About 4o Crows hard to count 1 has white streaks on wings
4 Ravens
Hundreds of Gulls inland due to storms and calving
Hundreds of Trumpeteer Swans
Hundreds of Canada Geese
Several Snow Geese
8 Woodducks
12 Buffleheads
2 Blue Herons
1 Grey Heron?
30 or so California Quail
1 Redtail Hawk
2 Resident Bald Eagles
3 Young Bald Eagles various stages of growth
2 Gold Eagles
1 Snowy Owl
1 maybe 2 Grey Owls
1 Merlin or Sharpskin not quite sure
1 Cooper Hawk
2 Rats RIP
3 Mice RIP
3 Racoons
2 Black Squirrels
1 Very Pregnant Black Tailed Deer
5 Deer in total 1 a buck no horns
Heard but not seen
2 Owls the greys I think
1 Cougar twice around 0530 in the morning once on Tuesday and once on Friday from the direction of Richards Mountain


  1. That is quite a list of critters! Sounds like you live in a nature preserve. What a joy for you to see so many beautiful creatures throughout the week. Gorgeous Trumpeter Swan image!

  2. Great list and bird! You must have a great yard for birding.

  3. Thanks Eileen small acreage over looking a valley