Saturday, January 29, 2011

Changes Around Quamichan Valley End of Jan 2011

Sunrise over the last couple of weeks of Jan 2011 have been over seas of Fog making for spectacular soul searching mornings.

This week I have several Brewers Blackbirds to add to the list from last week.

Approximately 75 to 100 Starlings



There was a horrible fight with two factions of crows. Now we have a much larger Murder flying around so not sure what happened but the outcome is obvious with twice as many crows now.

Last weeks smaller murder of crows. The new larger group is really aggressive and really camera shy. Next week will post pictures of the new larger group.

The resident Bald Eagles also had a nasty territory fight on their wings. The start of it was above the neighbouring farm and ended up in the small forested area behind them. Our resident eagles won the battle as was evident from the Juvenile that reappeared checking them out.


  1. A most lovely sunrise image! Sounds as if it has been very noisy in your area with all the crow and eagle battles. Quite a sight too, I'm sure. Always a pleasure to view your blog!

  2. Very nice post. Love that sunrise picture. Sounds like a rough week for some birds, and a new lease on things for others. Curious now: The story behind how Quamichan became Cowichan? Thanks Kerry.

  3. Great Action shots and a blog worth reading!!!!, I was thrilled this past week to spot a Bald Eagle here in my little part of the world, The Muskokas! I've heard they were spotted but never had the pleasure of seeing one....Only 30ft. above me, it flew out from a high ridge and did a 360 in a flash and return to the safety of the thick pines....Wow what a thrill.....Very Nice to meet You and I hope you will have a minute to check out my blog and our beautiful winter scenes....Greetings from Huntsville, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada