Thursday, February 3, 2011

First Week of Feb Around the Barn

Around the Farm this week we have new boss crow he is bigger and more aggressive but people shy.

The older white winged crow is no longer around at all. Though there are a few offspring with a bit of white on them his distinctive dog call whistle is silent.

Had another eagle fight this week and apologize for the poor pictures but it was raining, had the camera set for different set of shots and it happened really fast. (Excuses) Loud and absolutely awesome as the bigger eagle swooped down on the smaller eagle seen in the first shot.
Between the tree branches you can see the actual hit and the smaller eagle immediately fled.
Multiple duck formations overhead. Swans, geese, brant, blue heron are all calling and flying overhead.
More song birds are now here and the robins have begun to show up in numbers. Chickadees are all over the place. Starlings are back at over double the number from last week maybe couple of hundred of them in the air. Had a couple of mosquitoes around and a whole bunch of flies. Lots of Brewers around.
Sparrows and a thrush, one small woodpecker black and grey that I could not identify. It is still here but not able yet to get a picture. We also have a brilliant red bird with a lighter color underneath. Almost thought it was a parrot but not able to get a picture of it AGAIN slipping...
Gulls are now at a minimum probably due to weather being much better.
We also have had a couple of doves which I have not seen here before and a group of pidgeons blew past into the trees.


  1. Love the whole post except for mosquitoes. Kinda early for them, eh? Awesome shots of the eagles. Camera being set otherwise would happen to me as well, for sure. Despite that, the pics tell the story! Really impressed with what a wonderful wildlife place you have there. Thanks Kerry.

  2. Kerry, sounds and looks like you have had a lot of action around your home. So glad to read that the robins are returning. Can spring be that far behind? My fingers are crossed. Very cool hawk fight images! I'm curious about the bright red bird ... please keep us informed. Looking forward to future wildlife updates from your wonderful homestead!